Characteristics of Dental treatments.

Working together on dentures

Dentistry is a section of medicine that deals with the study of the oral region.  It deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases in the oral region.  Dentists mainly deal with the teeth.  Dentists specialize in the study of the teeth.   Dentistry is vital to the health of the mouth.  There are wide variety of dental treatment procedures  Dental treatment is dependent on the problem in the overall region.  Dentistry involves dealing with problems in the oral cavity  According to WHO dental problem is the biggest problem with the health of people.  Dental the disease mostly affects the less privileged in society.

Many dental treatments are carried out to prevent common oral disease.  Periodantal disease and dental caries are the most common dental problems  The most common dental procedures are teeth restoration and surgical removal of teeth.  Root Canal, root planning, and scaling are other types of dental procedures. Click here to get started.

The following list is made up of dental treatment procedures.  Bonding, this involves repairing a tooth that has decayed or fractured using a plastic known as resin.  Dental braces are a common way of treating teeth that are not aligned.  They are metallic in nature and straighten teeth by exerting pressure on them.  The replacement of decayed teeth and damaged teeth is done using bridges and implants.  Bridges are attached to teeth anchored to the gum.  Implants are false teeth which are rooted to the gum.

Crown and caps, on the other hand, are used to restore damaged or broken teeth.  Caps are also called dental crowns.  They are played on a tooth which has roots on the gum.  Denture are used to replace teeth which have been lost.  Fake teeth are also known as false teeth.  Dentures replace either part or all of the damaged tooth.

Damaged teeth which are irreparable are surgically extracted.  Surgical extraction of the tooth is the permanent elimination of the whole tooth to heal the gum.  Repairing and filling is another common treatment for damaged teeth.  Filling is restoring teeth by  filling the spaces cause by the damage on the tooth.  Gum surgery is the treatment of periodontitis.  Gum disease is the infection of the jaw bone and the gum which leads to eventual loss of teeth.  Gum the disease occurs in two stages.  The first is gingivitis that causes little damage to the tooth and can be reversed.  The second stage is periodontitis which required gum surgery to treat.

Another dental treatment is root canal.  A root canal involves opening up a tooth and cleaning it in the event of being injured, cracked or decayed.  The open spaces are sanitized and filled.  Oral cancer test is another form of dental treatment.

Dentists use sealants to protects the tooth from damage.  Dental sealants are applied to the surface of the teeth.  The protective cover hinders decay-causing bacteria from growing.  Dental sealers are used on the molars and premolars.  Ventures, on the other hand, are used to repair chipped, decayed and stained teeth.  Veneers help in closing gaps between teeth. To find some good facts, go here.


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